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The ABRIDGED Full Story

About Jen

I have so many tools and so much experience with people of all ages and backgrounds and much of it I developed over the course of my life time through trial and error. I worked hard to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, colleague, teacher, and citizen I could be.

Ask anyone who knows me and they might say I have it all figured least that's what it looked like on the surface most of my life. Of course there were the usual ups and downs of life, but I graduated from high school with decent grades, went to Kwantlen, then UBC. Powered through to get my B.A with a major in English, then my B.Ed, then my PB+15 in teaching Math and Science. Bought a house. Started a family. Raised two kids into adulthood. Actually enjoyed their teen years. Saw them off to college and to a job across the country.

My body was giving me so many signs

- the first indication that I was not living an aligned life.

Image by Florian Schmetz

I coached, volunteered as manager many times, was a board member on a couple boards, and even became president on one board for a few years all so my kids were supported in pursuing their activities - lacrosse, skating, gymnastics, dance, hockey, swimming, baseball, triathlon, basketball.  I carpooled, was involved in their education, and helped out on school field trips. We went camping, tried Disneyland a couple times, and travelled for sports. We had family dinners, hosted BBQs and birthday parties and holidays. I even spoke at my daughter's graduation on behalf of the parents which was way out of my comfort zone, but I did it to make a memory for my daughter and her peers. My husband and I did all we could to afford it all which included selling our cars to make ends meet at one time. We wanted our kids to feel supported in their chosen activities and to have the best experiences possible.

My health started to waiver

Suspension Bridge

As an educator, I had my own class and was the tech support teacher who worked to help all staff members and students find their way with technology learning tools and I made sure that any tech troubles were resolved in real time. I coached basketball and track, and planned what I thought were great field trips, and I made sure to support my students in handling the hiccups that arose as hiccups do in school. It was my goal to make sure every kid felt they belonged in my class and that their unique super power was realized, shared and celebrated. I wanted my students to see me as someone whom they could rely on to help them navigate any aspect of their school life and if this meant I needed to give up my recess and lunch breaks then that's what I did. I vowed to make sure all kids could look back on their grade 5 year with Ms Wilson positively. 

My health challenges grew


Eventually, I decided to explore a job at the district level thinking that I could learn something new, have a bit more flexibility with my schedule, and perhaps see an improvement in my health. It was really fun to get out there to support other teachers, to teach STEM to 150 students, and to try to create some content around the new curriculum. I attended many fascinating conferences, and coordinated and ran various professional development experiences for our K-7 teachers. I spent a lot time with very dedicated educators and felt I could have a really positive impact if I just hustled a bit more. When it was time to move on, a great teaching opportunity presented itself; one that would get me one step closer to becoming an administrator where I could really make a difference. This job would look great on my resume and all I would have to do next was get my masters degree. That's all I had to do...

AND then MY HEALTH situation snapped

Every fibre of my being screamed, "NOOOOO!" My body's reaction to this new job opportunity was so loud and clear that I heard myself say to my new principal, "No, I can't. I won't be able to do the job that I would expect of myself and that's not fair to anyone."  WHO SAID THAT!? Not me?! Was this not the job that I had dreamed of way back at the start of my career? Turning this down is such a big mistake.

What am I doing?!

But it felt so right.


My only choice was to pay attention to my health. My daily experiences were worsening and nothing offered by the medical system was having long term effects. I was not healing; I was simply suppressing symptoms for the time being. I needed to try something different and I decided to take time off to get healthy -  it really was my only option.


I started with a naturopath whom I adore and who got me going down a new path which eventually led me to my first session with a life coach. I was blown away by the power of my first session and finally felt like there was a different way forward; a way that wasn't fraught with hustling, sleeplessness, exhaustion, agitation, people pleasing, and illness. I discovered I was more powerful than I realized, that I truly was the creator of all my experiences, and that I could change them whenever I wanted. 

My health started to shift 


As I opened up to working with a life coach, I discovered the multitude of avenues available through this new way of being. I met a whole group of like-minded people also doing their own inner healing work. Listening to their stories gave me hope and inspired me to change the course of my career permanently. The prospect was very scary because it broke from the secure, "correct" trajectory one's life "should" go; very scary.

I left teaching

Much to the shock of EVERYONE and with the unwavering support of my husband, I left the job that I had spent my entire life training for. It was THE BEST DECISION and it landed at just the right time for me to enrol in the FIT Life Method Academy's Coaching and Mentorship certification.


The move into life coaching has been so good for my mental, emotional, and physical health and I love where it has led me. At any other time in my life, I would have disregarded this opportunity, deleted it from my inbox without a glance. This time, the invite came just when I needed it - my mind was open, I had a willingness to shift my experiences, and I was ready to start identifying and breaking through the obstacles that held me on that singularly-focused, unhealthy career trajectory.


I see my life as an ongoing series of personal learning opportunities and, most days, I am ready for the learning. I love it when I can learn with ease AND I can appreciate the learning that happens during those times when I am resistant and choose the struggle.  

I am also thankful that I chose to become a Life Coach and Mentor because now I am in a place where I can be of service to others and I can show up for my family and friends fully open and as a vulnerable learner.


Upon reflection, I now recognize that I experienced those setbacks and left teaching so that I could live my new purpose which is to support others like me before they get hit as hard as I did. 

I welcomed good health into my life


I now choose to be the hero in my own story.

I enjoy helping others be the hero in theirs. 

I choose.

Now, when I feel I need a boost, I reread my story to remind myself where I was and how far I have come. 

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