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Educational Consulting in a Nutshell

Private sector industries have a tremendous opportunity to influence the future of the workforce and one powerful move is to provide robust, meaningful education experiences for their new and existing staff and for outside groups such as youth considering their career options. The possibilities are limitless and highly valuable especially if a company is interested in investing in its future.  Many global organizations are already recognizing the limitations of traditional education practices and have opted to personally educate their new employees as a means to ensure they are up to date with the rapidly evolving  demands of their fields. Smart leaders know when to capitalize on an opportunity like this and this progressive practice is certainly a game changer. 

Not being certified educators should not hold any company back from exploring ways to incorporate education into their practice especially when it involves upgrading training for those currently on payroll or educating those who could be one day. Educating others does not need to be chaotic or rushed or scary. It can be fulfilling, eye-opening, and refreshing if approached the right way.  There are many simple and effective tools and strategies for maximizing a company's educational potential and tapping into Educational Consulting is step one.


Having worked with other entrepreneurs who started their own training academies in non-education fields combined with her 25 years in education as both a teacher and a district curriculum leader, Jen Wilson understands how to address the challenges of non-educators to create effective, meaningful learning experiences. Educating others requires understanding the various facets that impact learning, a set of reliable practices that are repeatable, recognizing the wealth of resources at hand, an openness to trying things differently, and a willingness to consider alternative perspectives. The act of teaching also serves to solidify the educator's knowledge in their field of expertise and can be the most rewarding and engaging work.

What Ed Consulting Could Look Like for You





During this initial meeting we will: identify areas of educational opportunity,  evaluate learning spaces and tools available, interview invested personnel, get a firm grasp on the available in-house resources.  A draft proposal will be submitted for review and discussion within a reasonable time of this meeting.

Upon finalizing the proposal, construction of your tailored staff education plan begins.  The collaborative construction stage takes discovery material into account and includes, but may not be limited to: vision setting, identifying term curriculum targets, selecting tools and strategies for implementation, coordinating a staff training plan. 

This is when the approved plan is put into action and involved staff engage in a series of workshops to learn some core teaching practices and engage with some educational tools and strategies. Should an educational event be imminent, Jen Wilson could be available to observe and provide immediate, supportive feedback.

Education is a life long process and Jen is always looking for ways to bring new understanding into her work, so this final review stage is a powerful opportunity to mutually address successes and continued areas of growth.

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