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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Since 1996, I’ve been working with youth and their families as an educator and, over the course of my 25 year career, I observed gaps in how the system supported students of varying abilities. The system is working hard to meet the needs of so many that it's possible for one to get lost and to feel disconnected and uncertain about themselves. Ten year olds would show up in my class already believing they were C- people in this world. How does that happen? Year after year, I witnessed students who believed so little of themselves and a community that continuously validated those beliefs. I dedicated myself to helping those students change their perceptions of themselves and to find their super powers or at least begin to be open to the idea that they had something to contribute. It delighted me to see students change their negative self concepts and to finally see them empowered and shining and their families coming along with them - the greatest reward.


The unseen side of having a class with 50% needing specialized support is that I still had 30 kids in my class. The rigorous demands of such a designed class caused me to stay late at work and to lay awake at night pondering ways to meaningfully reach each student - Not a recipe for work-life balance or good health.


By the end of my time in teaching, I had gone through so many of my own cycles of debilitating dis-ease (panic attacks, major gut issues, back problems, headaches, sleeplessness, and so on)  caused by the stress of over functioning to meet the needs of my students that I succumbed to burnout. 


The impetus that pushed me to acknowledge the state of my health and to leave was actually a compliment! I was offered a job that honoured my efforts and recognized my skills, but the offer turned out to be more demanding than the 3-hat role I was already in. In the exact moment I was offered the job, every fibre of my being screamed, "That's enough! STOP! You need to step away and to take time to find a new way for yourself" NEVER before had I experienced such a visceral reaction to something that should have been a huge positive. The "smart" thing would have been to take on this new, interesting job. Instead, I listened to that very clear, loud inner knowing. 


I took a two year leave to heal and to learn a new way for myself. I took courses, stayed active, saw health specialists, and started to heal, yet at the end of those two years, I knew I was never going back. I submitted my resignation against the advice of so many, but my inner voice was still so clear and I had learned that listening to my inner voice was for my highest good. 

During my rebuilding time, I discovered a more holistic way to heal myself and engaged in a new-to-me way of looking at the world through the F.I.T. Life Method Coaching and Mentorship Certification Program. I had found my new path. No longer would I be afraid to put myself out there and no longer would I choose the "safe" route. I chose self empowerment, personal growth, energy, and soul-fulfilling practices. I now have a beautifully supportive community of colleagues and a steady client base that enables work-life balance,


How did you know it was time to leave teaching to pursue personal coaching? I always enjoyed the people I interacted with through teaching. I could see what motivated them and inspired them. I brought compassion into my teaching whether teaching students or colleagues because I just understood that each person had their unique life experiences to be honoured and celebrated. I prided myself in being open, accepting and patient so that those I taught would be their most authentic selves with me which meant they would be willing to learn from me. I strived to make my instructional spaces safe places for everyone to experience growth and enjoy self discovery. We were always a team.


Upon reflection, I realized the design and nature of the current education system existed to teach me that it was up to me to discover a work-life balance that allowed me to have enough for my own family at the end of each day. I wanted meaningful connections with my husband, my kids, and my friends. I wanted to be present when I was home. I wanted a career that was good for my health. I wanted to be a part of all the juicy bits of life. The map was so clearly laid out for me. How could I pass up this opportunity?

Why personal coaching? I derive tremendous joy when others' succeed and pursue careers and lives that garner abundance and genuine contentment. I love it when the people around me are happy. Just like with my students, their families, and colleagues, if I can help others free themselves to realize their talents, dreams, and life goals, then I have done a great thing. I love people's stories and have always naturally gravitated to coaching and mentoring roles with friends, families, colleagues, and students; I just didn't realize it at the time. My hiatus from teaching provided me the opportunity to reveal my passion for helping others and to certify as a personal coach and mentor  - it's a natural fit. 


  • 50 years of life

  • passion for being of service to others

  • mom to two young adults out exploring their worlds without regrets by chasing what feeds their souls

    • a 21 year old across the country​ pursuing a fascinating, multifaceted job as Executive Assistant and Social Media Marketing manager

    • the other an 18 year old at a college in California pursuing dreams of playing in the MLB

  • wife of a firefighter and avid cyclist and multi-Ironman competitor

  • mom to two young, energetic, Labradoodles  

  • B.A. - Major in English Language

  • B.Ed.

  • PB+15 Teaching Math and Science through Inquiry 

  • 25 years in education 

    • experience with K-12, learning assistance, administration, professional development leader, district coordinator, specialist teacher in assistive learning technology​, gifted student teacher, career education and ADST specialist, leader and instructor of digital technology and STEM

Certifications/Training & Professional Development

  • FIT Life Coaching and Mentorship Certified

    • FLOW Formula, ​Embrace, Rise, Elevate, Freedom

    • manifesting, spiritual healing, perspective shifting, intuition development, trauma-informed, somatic strategies, breath-work, meditation, limiting beliefs, generational stories, and much much more

  • Value-based Decision Making

  • First Peoples Ways of Learning

  • Universal Design for Learning

  • Multiple Intelligences

  • Just generally fascinated by the teenage/young adult brain thanks to Thomas Armstrong's book, The Power of the Adolescent Brain.

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