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Joy Check In

Is your experience with joy outside you or within you?

When is your joy set point disrupted?

The short answer: When we look for joy outside ourselves.

The long answer:

When we are in a steady state of looking for evidence of our joy or happiness outside ourselves, we end up stuck on an emotional roller coaster controlled by everything outside of us which means a lot of big ups and a lot of big downs - YIKES!

You’ve probably heard on repeat that joy cannot come from outside sources that it must come from within.

Okay, so what does that mean?

It means:

  • Unconditionally accepting your core self

  • Unconditionally loving your core self

  • Unconditionally honouring your core self

What on earth is this "core self" you speak of?


It means:

  • releasing the impact of the external expectations of others

  • avoiding comparisons of success

  • not living by someone else’s standards

  • not living your life based on fear, limitation, and lack

  • not measuring your experiences and actions as right, wrong, good, or bad

It involves:

  • Getting to know your core self

  • Radically accepting yourself and your experiences

  • Learning how you are wired

  • Discovering your unique brilliance

  • Identifying and honouring things that you feel are fun, meaningful, and satisfying

  • Checking the energy behind your actions and choices

Your life is a reflection of your vibes,

both low and high,

which then generates your intentions, creates your thoughts, and drives your actions.

When your joy is dictated by circumstances and people outside of you,

You become the creator of joyless intentions, joyless thoughts, and joyless experiences.

When you become clear on how to create your own joy rooted within you,

you become the creator of joyful intentions, joyful thoughts, and joyful experiences.

Parents, you are doing the best you can with the tools, knowledge and skills you have at this moment and so are your kids.

You know intuitively what is right for you and your family.

Trust that knowing.

No one else knows you or your family better, so…

QUIET your worries that you have not done enough for your kids.

ALLOW compassion for your growth and learning.

RELEASE the opinions and suggestions of others on how you should parent.

OBSERVE the joyous moments and internalize them - their colours, their feelings, their energies.

CARRY those joyful moments in your heart through your days.

LEAD with joy and gratitude.

NOTICE how your experiences shift.

WATCH how this miraculously influences your kids; they are tremendous absorbers of all that is around them.

Go forward with joy in your heart.


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