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Quick tips to shift it!

Simple Strategies for Shifting Your Daily Experiences

“Mindset” is the word of the decade and that’s because it really matters.

Your mind has more power than you might realize and can impact your daily experiences negatively and positively.

Here are few tips to creating more positive experiences in your days:

1. Focus your mind on the present moment:

  • Try sitting calmly staring at a single spot like an outlet. Focus all your attention on the outlet and every time a thought arises, send the thought to the outlet and allow it to be absorbed. See if you can do this for 1 minute one day then increase the time as you feel called to try.

2. Give yourself a new perspective:

  • Do something that shifts you away from what you have been focusing on most of your day and notice how your overall energy is impacted: walk, workout, sit outside and observe your surroundings, read for fun, connect with friends, write in a gratitude journal, spend time on a hobby - choose any one thing that helps you feel a bit of a reset.

3. Recognize your personal power in challenging situations:

  • How you respond to challenging situations and people is the only thing within your control. Step back and ask how a wise version of yourself might handle the situation/person.

4. Notice your Inner and Outer language:

  • Do you find you are critical of yourself and others? Do you use any negative language/thoughts? Explore how you might shift such limiting language to language that is more expansive and positive.

5. Breathe often:

  • Breathe deeply, with a solid exhale and do this often throughout your day. Feeling tense, tired, achy, anxious? Breathe deeply into the parts of your body that are holding these sensations and keep breathing until you feel a small shift.

These are just a few starting points that will start to shift how your days go. In order to support any coaching work done, these strategies are a great addition to your daily practices that will one day become natural.

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