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Wife of a Firefighter who has Joined me on my Journey

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Having been with my husband for just shy of 30 years, I've observed his evolution (and mine) and have witnessed how his job has impacted him over the years and he has had to ride quite a roller coaster.

Many of our friends are also firefighters and it's always fascinating to me to see how their work really bonds them and when the job "breaks" them, they really show up for each other.

The job brings with it incredibly challenging experiences potentially resulting in some heavy low times for those first on scene. Our family has navigated a few of these ebbs and only with effective support have we been able to rise up out of these darker times.

Always having to be the tough guy decision-maker takes it toll and as the wife of such a man, I've learned right along with him how to understand and uncover what he needs from me. We don't always get it right the first time, but we care enough about each other to find a way forward.

More recently, both of us have discovered new, more productive ways of addressing these hard times and we are much better for it. My husband is also sharing his new perspective with his colleagues who seem to appreciate and are even curious about his unique approach to all that they experience. Bonus, our kids are observing and absorbing these new mindset shifts as well and applying them in their own lives!!

I appreciate my husband's openness to hearing what I have to share about this important work I do that helps others change how they feel about their lives and he appreciates me allowing him time and space to apply it in ways that make sense to him.

Like all journeys, the road is rarely straight or smooth, yet we find our way along together which makes the bumps so much easier to navigate.

This work I've chosen is all about helping others connect with their purpose in ways that work for them. Every time a client shares their excitement about a shift they've made, I feel tremendously honoured that they invited me on their journey. I love that I get to walk alongside others and witness their joy as they uncover their best version of themselves.

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