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Is your young adult child feeling uncertain about their future?

Are you getting anxious, too?

You and your y.a. child are not alone.

I understand and have worked with many young people navigating these same feelings.

Let's put your minds at ease…

Your young adult has plenty of time, and with the uncertainty you both may be feeling, now is the perfect moment for them to take a pause, discover who they are, and get clear on their life's aspirations.


As an experienced professional, I have worked with many young adults who have been in the same place and it brings me great joy to see them discover and develop their strengths, and take their first steps towards realizing their dreams.

Basic Package $360+gst​ 
all 8 sessions 

Premium Package $720+gst
all 8 sessions

+ 6 sessions of 1:1 coaching

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For "A La Carte" Options

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ROOTS Week 1

July 5

STOP DOUBTING Yourself & get to the root of what you care about & what drives you.

Decide what really drives you, your actions and your choices and stop reacting, and feeling random and unreasonable. You are not random.

You are not unreasonable. Your brain just thinks it is. Let's help your brain get really clear on what you care about.

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Ts & Gs Week 2

July 10, 12

DROP the anxiety of not feeling good enough & UNCOVER your Talents & Gifts.

Discover the unique strengths and gifts that you keep denying and are right there in front of you to capitalize on. Some of your skills feels easy enough, but there is something else that really energizes you. And it's certainly worth knowing what you would absolutely never want to do.

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July 17, 19

TURN OFF your Inner Critic & tap into the voice that UNLEASHES your Inner Badass.

There is tremendous power in how you talk to yourself. Your poor brain is just doing what you tell it, so let's explore the ways you can give it new commands so that your brain can finally start showing you all the amazing that is right in front of you to grab hold of.

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July 24, 26

STOP FOLLOWING the Crowd & doing what everyone tells you & make decisions RIGHT for you

There's more to achieving your dreams than S.M.A.R.T. goals and grinding and hustling. FACTS: If you don't know what you really care about, you will struggle with making decisions and there's nothing wrong with zigzagging through life. Let's help you make interesting, confident decisions that make sense for JUST YOU!

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July 31, Aug 2

END SECOND GUESSING yourself & finally learn toTRUST your Intuition to lead you

Trusting your intuition is a super natural instinct that you may have been conditioned to ignore. It happens to a lot of us. The good news, you can retrain your intuition and learn to recognize the difference between your intuition at work and the impulsiveness that keeps leaving you in a pickle.

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Aug 7, 9

QUIT FEARING Repercussions for Expressing Yourself & Find CONFIDENCE in your Voice

Whether communicating in a job interview, expressing your opinions and ideas, or asking for help, there are some sweet tidbits in how we speak that can help you get what you need. No need to keep your mouth shut. it's time to understand the personal satisfaction in communicating well.

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Aug 14, 16

STOP TOLERATING other People's Mistreatment & SET solid, kind boundaries that work for you.

Other people can be super annoying and triggering sometimes and they can leave us feeling resentful and frustrated. It's not up to them to read your mind, so how about learning some great ways to lay down the law in those situations and still keep the peace. AND you don't need to feel discomfort in order to make it happen.

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Aug 21, 23 

WRAP it all up in a BOW & FINISH with a JUST-RIGHT-for-YOU Plan you can hold yourself to.

The fun part about doing this work is bringing it all together. Whether digital or tangible and 3D with a few supplies around your house, we will bring it all together in a visual form of your choosing. This final creation will be your touchpoint, your resource when things get iffy and confusing. 

Package  Options

+ info. tailored to the unique needs of

18-25 year olds

+ links to printable materials

+ access to session recordings

+ bi-weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

+ bi-weekly Catch the Parents Up (CPU) sessions


Basic Package - $360+gst​

+ all 8 sessions 

Premium Package - $720+gst

+ all 8 sessions

+ 6 sessions of 1:1 coaching

Referral Program

for Past & Current Clients

Refer a friend who signs up for a premium or basic summer program package and receive a complimentary 1:1 coaching session or a 10% discount on a basic or premium package.

A La Carte - $50+gst per class

+ access to purchased sessions, materials, & recordings

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