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#Belief makes manifest

It is within you to discover your path

Personal Coach & Mentor 

Specializing in supporting adults & young adults 18-25 years old in Determining Next Steps in Life & Career.

Educational Mentor & Consultant

Mission Statement
To provide a safe, objective, accepting space for clients to engage in self discovery towards revealing their best versions of themselves and their ultimate potential.



Young Adult Client

I received an email from a client thanking me for the work I’m doing with her young adult son. She shared that he’s less depressed, sleeps better, and that he was beaming from our last session! She appreciates that I am in his corner and I keep things positive while helping him navigate the path to achieving his goals.

I experience tremendous JOY every time my clients discover a new, more aligned way forward in their lives and start living in a way that honours who they are at their core and that enables them to feel limitless and fulfilled. I love having such an important impact in the lives of others.

Anne J.

Jen is very attentive and a very active listener while I talk and talk and talk and talk lol. She is good at hearing and identifying my limiting beliefs. Jen is very supportive. She is also good at personally relating without making it about her.


Jen is a very caring coach and is excellent at customizing the course materials for each client. She is great at suggesting what feelings may be coming up without making it feel like I have to be feeling that way. Jen's background in education and presentation is very clear when she's presenting material thoughtfully.


"Jen has a great capacity to not only listen to you, but she takes it the whole way and really hears you which makes the space very comfortable to be truly open. Her coaching style is powerfully positive with hints of compassion. I feel she has an equal interest and passion in my future that I am working towards which makes me feel she is legitimately invested in my development. I love that she encourages me to really take a look at myself to dig deep, explore my self beliefs and identify how I want to show up in the world. Jen has allowed me to know who I am and empowered me to believe I am capable of more." 


"With immeasurable patience and a reassuring, calm nature, Jennifer Wilson has helped guide me towards, and onto, the life path that was meant for me. Through easy, non-judgemental, and comfortable conversation, she has helped nurture the confidence I needed to begin to flourish. Before I started talking to Jennifer about my life dream, I didn’t dare even think it was a possibility. But once I did, she never once wavered in her optimism and in her dogged persistence that I could attain it." 

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