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Does any one of these describe your young adult child?








You are in good company.

As parents of today's young adults, we can also feel quite lost in how to help our young adult kids. We want them to feel confident and believe in their capacity to do amazing things with their lives. We watch as other parents appear to have kids who are out there doing life and being successful and then we start to doubt ourselves and a very real, painful worry sets in.  In my experience, there are more families than not who are going through just the same thing as you are.  

Guess what!? 

Struggling to get out of bed

Dropped out of college or struggling to pass

Feeling like they're falling behind compared to peers

Disinterested in life, withdrawn, quiet 

Too often agitated, angry and only sees the bad in life

Generally, lost and floundering with no clear direction

Resigned to feeling a lack of purpose

Your young adult kid wants to feel successful.  They want to make you proud. They want so much for themselves. They just don't know where to start. For any number of reasons, they believe they are not capable of doing school or that life is just meant to be hard or that they have little to offer the world and so they stay frozen in place overwhelmed by the pressure of no clear direction and too many decisions.

The great news!

They DO have many skills and talents and they DO have lots to offer the world. They just need help seeing what is right there in front of them. Their options are limitless and, if they are open to exploring who they are, then they will find that path that lights them up and gives them that purpose in life they crave. 

Your young adult is going through a lot and they may need a very different approach than what works for some other kids. They need a different way of discovering themselves that allows them to safely and free of judgement explore who they are, their values, and their unique skills and talents. As a life coach, I have many tools and strategies for helping your young adult do all of this and more!

I love what I do and I would love to help your young adult find the path in life that suits who they are and gets them excited about life. 

Reach out to start the conversation.


Mckenna E

McKenna was feeling “overwhelmed in life and stuck not knowing how to move forward.”


McKenna, “now has a hobby she enjoys and looks forward to doing, and is feeling less overwhelmed and stuck. She still feels like she needs a lot of work, but is on the right track.”


In our sessions, McKenna says she feels, “Empowered, able, comfortable.”

Parent of Client

A parent of a client shared that her son is less depressed, sleeps better, and  was beaming from our last session! She appreciates that I am in his corner and I keep things positive while helping him navigate the path to achieving his goals. 

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