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Embrace your Procrastination
Overcoming the Habit
Small group sessions for teens, young adults, and full grown adults

You may be putting off signing up for that fitness program.

You may be putting off dealing with some bills.

You may be putting off starting or finishing that project.

You may be putting off having that tough conversation.


There are some valid reasons behind "putting off" these things AND haven't we all heard that the first step to making a change is being aware that change is needed? This is that opportunity. It's time to understand why this happens for you and to begin to heal the drivers of this habit.

This is a 1 or 2 single hour workshop to kickstart the change of your procrastination habit. 

Reach out to discuss options for your small group.

Get Pumped About Your Future!
Understanding yourself to better plan your future
For teens, young adults, and the adults that support them

This is a small group workshop series for people who work with young adults or teenagers, for parents/guardians, or for the teens/young adults themselves. 

Our young people are inundated with external and internal pressures to figure out their lives and NOW and without much understanding about who they are, what they value, how they are wired, or even what they are truly good at. 

This workshop series helps those who are interested in helping young people begin the process of planning out a life that aligns with who they are best designed to be. 

10 sessions up to 2 hours each 


20 sessions 1 hour each

Reach out to chat about an option that works for. your group.

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