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Young Adult Women's Group with Mama J

Small group sessions for young adult women 18-25 seeking greater understanding of themselves and gaining clarity around their futures. 

This group is for any young adult woman ages 18-25 who would appreciate an opportunity to bounce ideas off other young women in the same place as them as well as an objective mentor and coach who specializes in coaching young adults. Our young adult women need a welcoming, compassionate space to gather with other young adult women to share and learn together. 


Each group is small with no more than 5 participants. There will be opportunities for sharing aloud and a system in place for anonymous sharing.  


Women can be fortifying supports for other women and wouldn't it be amazing if our young women could learn how to be there for each other early in life and in a way that is elevated and nourishing.


Access the registration forms here.

Space is limited to 5 participants per session.

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