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The people & companies I can get behind because they really want to help you create the life you desire!

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Having worked alongside Jenn as she supports her clients in finding the perfect organizational plan for them, I can easily verify that Jenn listens to her clients and helps deliver meaning and value to their lives. She can help a challenging pantry, a single space, a whole house, or even take the pressure off of a big move or estate clearing. Jenn discovered a real need to support the efforts of many busy people to become better organized and has at her fingertips a plethora of techniques and strategies to get you organized in a way that works for you.  She loves helping people achieve their goals and sees everyday how  when our homes and personal spaces are organized, we have more energy and time for the activities and people we cherish. What a great way to kickstart living the life you want with ease and comfort. 


Being a part of Theresa's journey into the Artist's world has been quite the pleasure as I see how her art lights her up. She started out with an English Literature degree then added graphic design to her resume and she can combine them both seamlessly.  Whether adding more beauty to your home through art pieces or adding your unique flair to your company branding, Theresa is your gal! When Theresa's not recreating art from all the photos she snaps around beautiful Ladner while walking her dog, Wink,, she's busy with her graphic design work. She is experienced, personable, flexible, and brings twenty-five years of graphic design, copywriting, and artistic talent to the table. No matter the project or art piece, she takes great pride in her work. Reach out to Theresa to commission some art, sort out your branding, or to design and build your website. 

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I had the pleasure working alongside Ļèñņïē on an estate job a couple months back and was blown away by her strength, dogged focus to complete the job well, and her team mentality. I was thrilled to see her start her own business because she is passionate about helping women clear their to-do list and it's the kind of work that Ļèñņïē loves to do. She has spent years working construction and loves to bring her Kid Sister brand of support to the many homeowners out there who seem to have an ever growing list of small projects that they just can't seem to get out from behind.  Ļèñņïē specialize in those small projects that other Contractors can't take on. She is your sigh of relief when you can get that shelf assembled and that faucet replaced and you didn't have to ask your retired neighbour or your brother-in-law to step up to the plate. 

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Andrea has helped me on so many occasions as I navigated my career--changing journey and I am so happy that she was there alongside me as it wasn't an easy transition. There's nothing better than having someone in your corner to help you face challenges and Andrea is excellent at holding judgement-free space and has tremendous compassion for your unique journey. Andrea is a renowned life coach and mentor and the owner of the F.I.T. Life Method Academy where she trains life coaches and mentors in her Fully In Tune coaching method, a method that gets to the heart of who a person is and who they are meant to be. I love being a part of her program and academy and through which I have met so many incredible people that I am now privileged to call my friends and colleagues. Andrea's intuition has brought her tremendous success and she is adept at training you to tap into your personal power, too. Learn more about Andrea and her F.I.T. Life Method here at:


Tracey and I go way back through our boys' earlier years in baseball and not until near the end of their pre-college baseball years did I really discover this lady's unique gifts. Not only can Tracey read the room, but she can really read what's going on for you. So many times I've witnessed her impact those she reads for as they stare wide-eyed in shock at her accuracy and detail. I've recommended her to so many of my friends and they are always gobsmacked by her skills. Aside from mediumship, Tracey is also a life coach who draws on her intuitive powers to help validate her clients' next best steps. In fact, there are a bunch of us whom Tracey has taught to tap into our own intuitive powers. Check out Tracey here on her website and on her podcast, I Got Your Message


Anne and I first met through our coaching certification with the F.I.T. Life Method Academy and immediately I saw Anne as a go getter who's powerfully passionate about supporting women in living their healthiest lives. When Anne and I practiced our coaching on each other, she was completely free of judgement and accepted me and my unique needs as they were and I knew Anne really wanted me to experience beautiful shifts in my life. She was an excellent support and helped me open up to my own potential. in her business, Anne offers a heart-centred approach with your Muscles and Mindset (an Anne creation and her passion) in helping busy women who want to get in the best shape of their lives without counting calories or restricting food groups. Anne takes her clients from feeling insecure, overwhelmed and stressed to feeling strong, confident, fit, and happy. Anne believes in honouring the diverse needs of her clients, so check her out: or Instagram @annejonesfit. 

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Heli was the first medical practitioner that was able to get to the root of the health issues that interfered with my day to day life and work. After one visit, she put me on a path to greater mental clarity and overall health. I tell people all the time that one session with Heli got rid of the brain fog that had plagued me for 7 years and that no one else had a solution for. Heli is the owner of The Village Clinic in Tsawwassen, BC. She is one of many practitioners in her clinic who care deeply about treating the whole person. She brings people onto her team who are aligned with this belief and who are very good at what they do. As well, Heli has helped many people find their pathway to great health through multi-modality supports, nutrition, and working alongside traditional Western medical doctors to achieve the best health results for her patients. She is kind, caring, and a great listener! Anyone who connects with Heli will feel cared for and supported as they navigate their path to good health. Learn more about Heli and the clinic she founded here. 

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Upon returning to The Village Clinic with a new rather annoying and debilitating shift in my health, Heli recommended I see Iryna and I always listen to Heli. I went to Iryna with my new health concern that I assumed was my natural next evolution as a woman and after her unique style of assessment, Iryna said that I was not moving into this next phase - mind blown!! Iryna did what she does naturally and set me on a new regimen and low and behold, the symptoms disappeared. A blood test a couple weeks later revealed that she was right! Iryna may be new to South Delta's The Village Clinic and new Canada, yet she's already had significant positive impact in the health of those who have stopped in to see her. Iryna combines her training in Eastern and Western medicines to get to the root of her patient's ailments and to find the perfect treatment to actually heal the body. Click here to learn more about Iryna and her extensive experience and background.

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I first met Susan, once again through Heli, as a means to help me figure out the mental health side of my physical ailments and after our first visit I was so pleased to have found her. Susan did not send me away with a laundry list of things to try, rather she used the time we had together to do some real time work. Susan has a number of strategies she employs to help heal past wounds and to move you forward at a pace that works for you. Just like the rest of the folks at The Village Clinic, she is  compassionate, non-judgemental and a great listener. 

Susan is all at once a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N). She specializes in mood disorders and uses her unique training and skills to help clients. Check her here on The Village Clinic website:

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Kaely and I met through another business friend about a year ago and that's where our partnership began. Kaely got me set up with my social media, my website, had lots of ideas for posts, and easily ran things for me in the background.

Her company works with business owners looking to take their success to the next level and Virtual Assistant Near Me can make it possible! This local virtual assistance service offers everything from monthly bookkeeping and social media posting to day-to-day administration support, so you don't need to worry about those tedious details. Let Virtual Assistant Near Me handle them for you - freeing up more time for the big ideas that will move your venture forward on its successful journey. This company is here with just what entrepreneurs like yourself are searching for: high-quality service delivered by experienced professionals who'll help bring success within reach. Reach out to get started making all your dreams come true!


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