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A Compelling vision in 5 Steps

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

It's never too early or too late to develop a life's vision. In fact, it's a form of goal setting that we can all do whether it's for a single life event or a life's work.

It's not enough to simply picture yourself living your dream life or dream job.

There's a titch more to it.

5 Simple Steps to Effective Visioning

Step 1:

Get calm and centred and think to yourself, "I would really love clarity around my future." Then sit with that statement and clear your mind in order to allow what comes. Your subconscious knows who you are at your core and what is just right for you, so learn to listen.

Step 2:

As you sit quietly, allow ideas and thoughts about your future self to flow in with ease and do not filter anything. See what comes up and see if you are able to answer, "What do I want to Be? What do I want to Do? What do I want to Have?" Be as detailed as possible and go big! Limiting your options is totally unnecessary. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, etc. did not limit themselves.

Step 3:

Imagine yourself already as this future version of you and attach the main emotions you desire to feel as your future self. How do you want to feel? Practice feeling all the feelings you desire while imagining a day in the life of this version of you.

Step 4:

Write it all out. Script a day in this life and consider how you move, dress, speak, who you spend time with, how do your spaces look, etc. Incorporate all the details you imagined and ones that come up as you write. Feel yourself living this scripted day.

Step 5:

Attach visuals to your vision! Cut, print, copy, paste any images, words, phrases, dollar amounts that you know will recharge your inspiration and motivation.


1. Check in on your vision daily and especially when making any decisions/choices. Align your decisions with your compelling vision.

2. Allow what comes your way to lead you gently. Pay attention to any nudges or scary-exciting opportunities. Nervous excitement = healthy growth opportunity.

3. If there is a feeling of impulsiveness, panic, urgency, desperation, worry, fear, etc. influencing your decisions, then reconnect with your vision and try again. Decisions born of calm contemplation are the goal.

4. If doors close, appreciate that they closed as you will now be open to seeing other options.

5. Adjust your vision as new growth and ideas surface.

There is a beautiful guided process to visioning that is best lead by someone in the know. Life coaches are really good at this AND they are great at holding you accountable to your vision.

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