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Apex Approach to Realizing Your Dreams

Whether the analogy is a ladder or a mountain or an elevator, the key to achieving any goal, short term or long terms is to reverse engineer it.

Start with the final vision whether it's a project coming due or your life's vision.

  1. Record your Ultimate Vision in as much detail as possible and be sure to imagine how it would feel to achieve or live that vision and what exactly would you feel?

    1. If it's a project, what is your big vision for the project?

    2. If it's a life vision, what do you want to do, be and have?

  2. List the Midway Goals or tasks you need to complete on your way to the Apex of your dreams.

    1. If it's a project, what will be the midway tasks to complete that will also signal that you are on your way? What will you need to do at this stage?

    2. If it's a life vision, this stage is about the bigger steps you need to take to reaching the final vision or goal. Will you go to school? Will you move to a different town? Will you apply to jobs that are closer to your dream job just to start acquiring experience?

  3. At Base Camp, determine the first steps needed to simply begin the climb.

    1. If it's a project, what is ONE thing you could do to get it started? Is it finding one article? Is it choosing a partner or your group/team?

    2. If it's a life vision, what is the ONE thing you could do right now that opens the first door in the direction that you desire to move? Is it stepping outside to go for that walk? Is it leaving the old job, so that you are now free to seek a job that is more aligned? Is it updating your resume?

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