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Shine a Light on Your Shadow Parts

& discover a new sense of freedom

Accepting all parts of ourselves is a beautifully freeing practice.

We all have parts that we are not happy with and that we try to keep hidden.

These disowned parts keep us feeling incomplete, lacking, not worthy. Disowning these parts prevents us living our most fulfilling, limitless lives.

What if we simply owned ALL of our parts - our disowned shadow parts AND the parts we are happy to show the world?

If you were to name your disowned parts, what would they be called?

Angry Alba

Whining Wendel

Jealous Jules

Nervous Nicky

Needy Noel

Selfish Sandy

Arrogant Arden

Fussy Finley

Lying Lennox

Messy Morgan

and so on...

Each disowned part has a message for you that can help your healing process allowing you to remove blocks to realizing your best self.

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